*New* Nice Boooty Products Launching Monday!


I'm so excited to be finally making these fun ghosts into earrings - and mirror earrings at that! I will also have wall mirrors available as well. This summer I was fortunate to be accepted as an artist in residency at Fuse33, where I have been experimenting with a laser cutter (stay tuned for a video of my experience there).   I am so happy with these cute laser cut earrings. I get so much joy wearing them, and hope to spread that joy around the world!  And not only do these silly guys bring joy, they are also for an amazing cause that's close to home for me.  $1 of every earring or mirror sale will go towards IBD research to help find a cure for Crohns and Ulcerative Colitis (UC) - debilitating autoimmune diseases that affect over 270,000 Canadians.


My mom was diagnosed with UC when she was 9 yeas old, and now also has Crohns disease (it's rare to have both).  This awful disease can be hereditary, and in 2016 I was diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Colitis after years of "just having IBS" - the catchall diagnosis for people that have GI problems but the docs can't figure out why. Between 2016-2017 I spent over 55 days in the hospital (27 days the longest stretch) fighting to save my large intestine.  During one of my stays I had a crazy morphine dream where my dude Derek and I were watching a beautiful sunset with ghosts flying by.  Sometimes the ghosts would shake their butts at us as they would fly by.  I turned to him and said, "Ghosts are cuter with butts".  And it's true!  That was the most pleasant hospital day because I spent it giggling and drawing, texting Derek back and forth, trying to decide the logistics of a ghost butt.  We knew it was important that it had a nice boooooty, hehe. And here we are. Proof that even in dark scary times, humour and levity is important, and can make things just a little bit easier. 


These new products will be available at 7pm MST September 27th on a freshly designed web site.  :)  I will also have Sun Catchers, and Mushroom Spore Prints for sale.  

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