Beautiful sculptural objects handmade to preserve a moment in time.  Are you looking for a one of a kind piece for an engagement, wedding, memorial, or heirloom rework, or special occasion?   Jennea loves designing and working with you to make these special pieces a reality.  

Here are some of our favourite commissions. If you are interested in a commission, please fill out an enquiry form in the contact section of the website.  Consultations are always free.  :)


        14k Rose Gold & Repurposed Diamond Ring  - Hand Fabricated

Recycled Gold Earrings From Heirloom Wedding Band - The rest of the ring was used in two wedding bands and a pin.  

These 14k yellow gold and diamond earrings were reworked from old heirloom jewelry that had been sitting unworn for years. 

10k Gold and Repurposed Heirloom Diamonds 

 14k White Gold & Montana Sapphire - Hand Fabricated 


Hand Fabricated 14K Gold and Recycled Heirloom Diamond 




 Hand Fabricated Sterling Silver and Raw Montana Sapphire 


 Sterling Silver & Sapphire Earrings Heirloom Earrings